Welcome!  This is the journey of two guys traveling around America with backpacks and no plans.  We have no final destination or timeline, we’re just happy to be on the move – walking, rafting, and rollerblading the country.

Nick and I grew up together in Juneau, Alaska, where we developed a love for exploring and being outside.

After graduating from our respective colleges, we took a few months off to decompress, then started the trip in New Orleans during December of 2015.

To get started, check out our evolving map of The Route, read about the lows and highs of walking, a case of bizarre Southern hospitality, or a run-in with cops in Alabama.

Want to understand the trip better?  Take a look at Why a Walking Trip? or check out our 4013836776 page.

For answers to other questions, such as “where do you sleep?” and “why do you walk on roads?” check out the  FAQs

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the trip!

– Logan